Monday, March 20, 2006

Aboriginal Dreaming

This week the Aboriginal Dreaming got into my dreams and I had a terrible night's sleep.

I dont know what the hell it thought it was doing. I mean, heck, did I really need a Serpent crashing about in my mind/brain system ? I've got enough dreams of my own without it licking it's way into them.

What really miffs me though, is that I have no idea as to why it thought I would be interested in dreaming about the Dreaming. My dreams are quite complex enough without contrary myths sliding about in them.

I mean, it wasnt even in the right culture. I wanted to be dreaming about what I wanted to be dreaming about and was just about to get into some good stuff, when this great Spotted Serpent came slobbering along.

Well, it goes without saying that all the actors in my dream took one look, forgot all about what they were supposed to be doing for my Psychedelic Wellbeing and ran back into the mists of my sub-conciousness. I ask ya !

So there I was , left with this great enormous Aboriginal Symbol slithering about in my mind/brain system. Not exactly a suitable companion when one is in need of a curative night's sleep. I got out of bed feeling about 999. And I was supposed to be at the introverts club by 10am, but I was too tired to make it.

And....the people at the Introverts Club rang me to make sure I hadnt gotten too withdrawn to come, or that I was lost in some really good piece of introspection and had lost all concern for externals.

So I told them about this wretched Serpent that had somehow strayed into me. "Well, how did it get in ? " they all asked. Well, I told them, I could only imagine it was probably really only the size of a tiny baby worm and wriggled up a nostril or other; but what about the terror-ridden night I had ?

Yes. Small it may have been, but still, it was functional. And what if the Aboriginals find out that I have their Serpent in my head ? They might claim me as an Aboriginal Artefact, or peg my head out as a sacred site. Can you imagine the stress I've been under, worrying about this ? And you cant even get a Stress Pie Chart for this particular life pressure !

So I hope it dosent come back. In fact, one night this week I am going to try to have a dream involving a truch load of cement. And I will make sure there is a passenger on the truck looking our for the serpents hole.

Yes. When he sees the Serpent's Hole, I will get the passenger to force the truck off the road and into the hole, so that when the cement dries the Serpent will be blocked out.

If I cant find a Cement Truck Diver, could you please try to employ one in a dream, then wake up before he has a chance to disintegrate and I'll rush over and coax him up my nose with a Tonka.

Savvy ?


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