Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Female Body Baby

This week the feminine side of my body had a baby.

The were no complications and the baby is fine and seems to be confident about itself already. Luckily, the female side of myself is a very paternal person. So she did all the right pre-natal things. Which always helps.

It seems to me it is really good to have a child out of awareness. Well, at least out of public awareness. I think it is much better to do it in private. behind the scenes. Inside yourself - sub-conciously in fact.

Especially if it's your first. I mean, I feel really relaxed and peaceful about it, which probably wouldnt be the case if I'd had a live baby, or one on the outside of my body. T saves an awful lot of hassles. for a start, you dont have to agonize over a name. In fact, you dont even have to name it at all. It can just 'be'.

This is an advantage to any fresho because they dont have to "grow' into their names. they dont have to imagine what they would look like if they were to look like their names and get all distorted and hitched up trying to become what their name symbolises.

Which is what people do. People become their names. Their personalities grow around their signatures. Of course it's all subliminal, but it's as if the person trains itself to the attributes of it's handwriting regardless of whether this is natural for it or not.

This can create havoc in parts of of the person; can cause great crimes of violence, or just minor things like blurred vision and sinusitis.

Which is why I've decided not to give the child a name. in fact, i didnt really have on at all. Only a subliminal one.


At 6:43 AM, Blogger futureperfect said...

hi innermindfish!! you write very well, i stumbled upon your blog, i don't even remember how. i notice you haven't posted since 2006, i wonder what happened! good luck!


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