Saturday, April 01, 2006


Do you think it would be a good idea if I grafted my personality onto your body ? Or would vice versa be better ?

Because, I think it is the only way that we are ever going to be able to meld into the community with any degree of correctness.

I mean, how can either of us possibly blend in with the culture with any amount of authenticity if we dont do something about the purity of our genders ? It just wont do to get about the place displaying our classifications for all to see. It's asking for trouble. I mean really !

Jeez. It would save and awfull lot of mess. Perhaps we could do a straight swap with our native peculiarisms ?

The again, I suppose it all end up fairly disasterously. I mean, if we did come to some kind of an arrangement where by you handed over your femaleness to me, and I handed over my male to you, how would we be ablt to tell that the other hadnt hoaxed the exchange; therby getting the whole spectrum of humanness whilst the other has to stagger forth with none?

Yes. It would be a tough one. Sure, you could act like me whenever I was around, then go back to being yourself when I wasnt, or I could act like you when you were around, then like me when you were'nt, but one or the other of us could be left standing about with absolutely no personality at all.

Or. if this was not the case, how could you make sure we handed over our genders intact ? You know, it could be very tempting to only hand over the parts of yourself that you wanted to be rid of.

Where would that leave me? A male with bits of manic female tacked all over his person!

How could you do this to me ?


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